Re-defining British street culture

The less glamorous elements of working class British youth culture are Samuel Ross’s focus as A-COLD-WALL* enters its third year as a major streetwear influence. The 26-year-old designer captures the post-Brexit zeitgeist for a generation that feels more than just a little disenfranchised, with references to lost manufacturing jobs and manual labour adorning paint-splattered and faded apparel.

Despite his recent breakout, the LVMH Prize nominee still runs an unpretentious, focused operation; working out of his Dalston studio with a small, hand-picked team. The label’s increased profile and following has facilitated an investment in high-end quality, moving all production to Italy and confirming the brand’s crossover into luxe-streetwear.

This season features long-sleeve t-shirts and oversized hoodies printed with ACW’s signature bracket motif. Utilitarian touches are added with the UV1 Technical Vest and a puffer coat with down filling. Accessory highlights include baseball caps dip-dyed with a faded metallic alloy finish and quasi-football scarves referencing chemical compounds and nationalised transport links.