mix series
Carlton Doom

This week’s mix is the brainchild of Belfast native Carlton Doom (you might know him as Oneknown), a key figure in the area’s DJ/Producer circuit. Full of shadowy, cerebral, industrial beats. Here’s the man himself to explain the story behind his NOPRESSUREMIX.

‘I was using some friends’ studio space to record the mix. Setting up, we had the biggest headache trying to record it and get any audio quality, constantly changing wires and programs until we finally got it. By this point, I felt melted. I didn’t feel loose and kept restarting the recording feeling like I was overthinking it or trying too hard to cultivate a certain image with the mix. Eventually, I just said fuck it, stopped thinking about it and stopped putting that unnecessary pressure on myself. I recorded an hour of just playing tracks I enjoy without thinking ahead, just picking them as I went along and ended up having far more fun.’

Catch Carlton Doom’s new EP Necrodancer releasing later this month on Or:la and Breakwave’s label Deep Sea Frequency.

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