karlmond tang:
symbiotic, act II

Symbiotic, Act II introduces the dancers faces, as their expressions are offset by the growing floral arrangements that wrap and contort around their bodies. The clothing – including garments from John Laurence Sullivan, Sunnei and Facetasm – is beginning to evolve too, demonstrating wear and tear as it becomes part of the wearer.

The video explores the way in which we can turn a website into an immersive experience, and looks in the direction of the way e-commerce should go. Really, there are no digital boundaries – we should be aiming to create a memorable experience despite the fact there is no physical store to walk into.

Act II, for me, is the most dramatic act – the idea starts to take hold and resonate with its onlooker.

– Karlmond Tang

Creative Direction and Styling: Karlmond Tang

Photographer: Paul Phung
Video: Kyle Kobel
Florals: Jack Sheldon at Grace & Thorn
Make-Up: Riona O'Sullivan
Models: Kennedy Muntanga, Oscar Li, Emily Fiander

With thanks to Vasily Agrenenko, Megan Harrison and Thomas Harvey.

shop autumn/winter 2017