mix series

Bringing you this weeks mix is DJ/producer Mind Enterprises, whose MUSICTOPARTYTOINGRANCANARIAMIX is a foot-tapping slice of beach life. Packed full of old-school dance tracks like Paul Johnson’s Get Get Down and Terrence Parker’s Somethin’ Here, this mix is sure to transport you to some dimly lit, sunset discotheque. We caught up with Mind Enterprises to find out more about what inspired his selection this week.

Thanks for joining us for this week’s mix series with your ‘music to party to in Gran Canaria’ mix. Where are your favourite places to party, in both Gran Canaria and around the world?

Thanks for having me, I generally favour house parties and clubs with max 30 people capacity, I like intimacy. But here there are also quite a lot of improvised outside parties mixing salsa, funk and disco, quite fun too.

What are some of your favourite tracks from the mix? Any hidden gems that you’re particularly fond of? We loved that you’ve dropped in a bit of Kylie towards the end.

Yeah always good to drop some big hits here and there, sing-along moments. Probably my favourite track for this mix is Close Counters' Soulacoasta, because I discovered it just recently and I was excited to use it somewhere.

Why have you picked Gran Canaria to settle in? What the music scene out there like - or is it just a relaxing place to work on your music?

There's no winter here and it's cheap and relaxing, basically all the things I was missing in London, but the musical scene is a part of it, the scene is very different, as here they're more affiliated with South America. At the moment I'm just absorbing but those Afro-Cuban vibes will probably reflect in my compositions eventually.

Your music has as a very unique, somewhat anachronistic quality? What draws you to these eccentric, lo-fi feel sounds?

I like to think I didn't choose those sounds but that they choose me instead

What sort of music was in your record bag growing up, and how much has it had an influence your sound now?

As a kid I was mainly into guitars, Jimi Hendrix stuff, then I moved to post-punk, Italo-Disco, 90' house music, Afro-Beat... I guess everything contributed to what I'm doing now.

What sort of things do you wear in Gran Canaria - any suitcase recommendations for anyone looking to spend some time there?

I admit I was a bit lost in the beginning because we don't wear much here, it's mainly swimming suits. Now I'm realising style here is more about accessories like watches or necklaces, I'm into golden stuff at the moment.

You recently released a new single, Gemini, have you got any more new music in the works?

Yeah, I'm working on a full album, I'm planning to release a couple of singles more over this year, then the singles and remixes will drop on vinyl this autumn, and then probably go for the album sometime next year.

What are your plans for the rest of the summer? Are there any shows your looking forward to, both performing in and going to yourself?

I'll try to focus on writing over the next few months as in September I should start djing around, I always had a lot of fun in Ibiza and Paris so I’m looking forward to those in particular.