mix series
Nik Void of Factory Floor

Nik Void from synth-noir outfit Factory Floor took some time out of her busy schedule to join us for this week’s guest mix. Much like the band itself, Nik’s offering defies superficial levels of categorisation, incorporating industrial noise, dub, minimalism and electro taken from her favourite film soundtracks to create a collection of otherworldly noises and apocalyptic soundscapes.

Nik describes her mix as “visions delivered to me by sounds from artists who explore emotive discomfort and tension. Visual landscapes of fear are broken by beauty and the shared excitement of exploring the unknown.”

Blending together music from David Lynch’s surrealist body horror flick Eraserhead with backing tracks from Simon Fisher’s The Epic Of Everest gives the mix a simultaneously beautiful and terrifying appeal. Much like the victims of indie flick Under The Skin’s body-snatching alien (Mica Levi’s critically acclaimed accompaniment gets a feature too), this week’s series is sure to have you gladly stepping into the void.

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Factory Floor release ’Transform’ – New 12” release 7th September and “A Soundtrack To A Film” 4 x 12” Box Set release 12th October.