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Fit Of Body
Ryan Parks, also known as Fit Of Body, joins us for this week’s mix. The visual artist, music producer/performer spends a large chunk of his time crafting underground, bootleg cassette tape compilations through his Atlanta based label HARSH RIDDIMS, a skill that shines through in his SK8FRIENDSMIX.

‘I’ve put together some of my favourite tracks from some recent skate videos. If you dig any of these tracks go find the real ones ‘cos it’s probably the most bootleg way you’re gonna hear them.’

Tracks from 70s electronic outfit Severed Heads ebb and flow into the likes of Aaliyah and Alice Coltrane for a diverse mix that covers the sonic spectrum of lo-fi hip-hop, experimental electro, jazz and more. All taken from some of Ryans favourite skate videos, like Quasi’s Mother, Palace’s Palasonic and Widdip’s Isla Voyeur.