Roots by Bemi Shaw

Bemi Shaw is the creative force behind our latest takeover. A journalist and stylist who has worked with some of the UK’s most widely read fashion titles, including Dazed & Confused, Marie Claire, and gal-dem, Bemi specializes in blending street style and high fashion to create a sleek aesthetic. Her first shoot authentically represents the many generations of black Britain - young and old. Recreating the easy intimacy and familial comfort of living rooms everywhere, models, including musician Tafari Hinds, artist Butler, DJ NARX and young star Icy Just, wear the latest clothes from A-COLD-WALL*, Gosha Rubchinskiy, Thom Browne, Off-White™ and more.

Styled by Bemi Shaw
Photographer: Misha Meghna
Grooming: Nathan Jazstal

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