mix series

This week, Digital 21 + Stefan Olsdal present THEBIRTH, exclusively on oki-ni.

Electronic producer Miguel López Mora (Digital 21+) and Placebo’s Stefan Olsdal’s debut album Inside was released in October, the result of a burgeoning friendship formed on the fringes of Madrid’s music scene. The album features a string quartet, a delicate cover of Moderat’s Rusty Nails and guest vocals from the likes of Cuushe and Margrét Rán of Vök.

Of the mix, Miguel says, “I made this mix to celebrate the birth of our first album Inside. We worked for almost five years to compose, record and release it. During this time, we also improved the live band, going from the original setup of just the two of us with a string quartet, to our latest formation, which sees eight musicians take to the stage. The last five years have been a trip – a birth!”

He continues, “I started the mix with our track War – which was our first release – and finished with Spaces, which was our most recent single. I mixed our songs in with tracks from bands I love, including Kiasmos, Laurent Garnier and Moderat. It’s a celebration of our first five years as a band, and a gift to my friends and all the people that have supported us throughout the journey”.

Check out the mix above.